BMW Forecasts Double Electric Vehicle Range in Five Years

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Recently, BMW announced its vision for the future of electric vehicles that, in the next five years or so, we could see double the range.

n the 1950s, transportation prognosticators envisioned cities in the sky and flying cars. Here we are, half-a century later, still stuck on the ground. Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors currently has the best-range electric vehicle on the market. For a pretty penny, 7,240,000 pennies to be exact, you can get a Tesla Model S 85kWh with a single-charge range up to 300 miles.

BMW says we can do better, and will do better. By 2018, we should be able to buy an electric vehicle with a range 150-200mi in a single charge. Wait, that’s less than a Tesla. What gives, BMW? Here’s the thing. BMW is looking at typical electric vehicles, that is, vehicles that the typical person can afford.

BMW’s prediction can be interpreted a couple different ways, really. Keeping in mind the Tesla Model S 85kWh as a benchmark, we could end up with an electric vehicle with a 600mi range. On the other hand, we could end up with an electric vehicle, with a 300mi range, at two-thirds the price.

As I said before, we’re still on the ground, in spite of what the sci-fi movies showed us in decades past, so what does this mean for BMW’s prediction? The jury’s still out on that one! Experts agree that battery technology, such a lithium-air and lithium-sulfur and other formulations could provide dramatic increases in energy density.

Commercialization, on the other hand, would require a significant increase in reliability and longevity, which could take more time than the five-year timeline provided by BMW. Still, the experts agree that BMW’s predicting electric vehicles with double the range could only be off by a couple of years.

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