Nordex’s First N117/2400 Wind Farm Installed in Finland

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Nordex has installed its first N117/2400 wind farm in Finland, simultaneously passing an important milestone in this country. Comprising nine N117/2400 multi-megawatt turbines, the 21.6 MW Honkajoki wind farm has now been connected to the grid for Finnish wealth management company Taaleritehdas. Mounted on steel tube towers with a height of 120 metres, the turbines will yield of up to 75 GWh per year. Honkajoki is the first project under a frame contract signed with Taaleritehdas in June 2012 providing for the delivery of up to 111 turbines.

Nordex completed the Honkajoki wind farm ahead of schedule thus allowing Taaleritehdas to generate energy earlier than anticipated and tap into the “early bird premium” for wind power generated before 2016. “This marks a real success for our new activities in Finland and creates an excellent basis for future projects with Taaleritehdas,” says Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, a member of Nordex SE’s Management Board.

“Since Nordex was able to outperform our expectations in supplying the turbines for our first project, we have even greater confidence in Nordex as a professional wind turbine manufacturer. The remarkable performance of the Nordex team in its first project in Finland provides a very good basis for our future co-operation, in which we will be installing more Nordex turbines in Finland” says Taamir Fareed, director of wind energy businesses for Taaleritehdas Private Equity funds.

Honkajoki is located in a flat woodland region in the south-west of Finland. Thanks to the Nordex N117 wind turbine and its remarkable suitability for Finnish wind conditions, the wind farm achieves a high capacity factor around 40 %.

Taaleritehdas is an investment company which is committed to actively seeking investment opportunities in the capital market with its’ customers in order to increase customers’ wealth. As a participant in the capital markets, Taaleritehdas is independent, transparent and believes in an open architecture. A sound basis for wealth management is built on the objectives set by the customers.

Ideologically, Taaleritehdas is a patriotic, Finnish growth company that is gradually internationalising. Taaleritehdas applies a broader definition to wealth management going beyond traditional investments in securities. In addition to investments in securities, wealth management provided by Taaleritehdas includes ownership through direct investment. Taaleritehdas will grow with support and trust from its clients as well as entrepreneur-oriented operations. We bring together private capital, ideas and entrepreneurship with the aim of achieving growth. By recognising potential and through conceptualisation, we can provide our customers with profitable investments in the Taaleritehdas way. Investors become owners who demand growth.

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