Nordex Takes 11% Slice in Germany

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The German wind power market is continuing to grow this year, expanding by almost 14%.

Against this backdrop, turbine manufacturer Nordex has managed to more than double its sales volume in Germany, installing wind farms with a combined capacity of a good 109 megawatts in the first half of 2013.

Measured in terms of new installed capacity onshore, Nordex has thus achieved a double-digit share of the market of around 11% for the first time again.

“Our above-average performance in Germany is chiefly due to our products, which provide the ideal answer to the growing onshore demand,” explains Management Board member Lars Bondo Krogsgaard. Half of the turbines assembled in the first half of the year were N117/2400s, which Nordex has been series-producing since 2012. With its greater rotor diameter, this model permits substantially more economical use of weaker wind locations.

Looking forward, wind-produced electricity must become even cheaper and it is with this in mind that Nordex has developed a new generation of turbines ensuring more efficient electricity production even at locations characterised by stronger winds. Says Krogsgaard: “It is foreseeable that many of our customers will be developing more areas in coastal regions or at elevated locations.  That is why it was important for us to install the first new Delta Generation turbines in Schleswig-Holstein in the first half of 2013, meaning that we can now devote all our attention to sales and marketing.”

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