World's largest PV skylight installed in New Jersey

Author:Ian Clover     Source:PV Magazine     Click:786     Publish time:2013/9/29 11:27:03

Spanish Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) manufacturer Onyx Solar has installed the world’s largest PV skylight at the headquarters of Novartis Pharmaceutical in New Jersey, U.S.

The skylight will generate free and clean solar power for the company – enough to power the equivalent of 600 homes. Its 820 solar panels makes it the largest skylight in the world, and one which promises to be reference point on innovation, effficiency and sustainability.

Onyx Solar used large format modules incorporating photovoltaic crystalline perforated solar cells. Such materials made the manufacturing process more complex due to the cells‘ higher fragility. The offshoot, however, is a more homogeneous appearance – the cells allow for more natural light diffusion and transmission, enhancing interior light, controlling temperature and generating clean power.

Novartis also required a skylight that could be opened and closed for maintenance purposes, adding further complexity to Onyx Solar’s installation, says project manager Juan Luis Lechon: "The project was a challenge, from the manufacture of the PV glass to the installation of all the solution, which included a complex and unique skylight system."

Onyx Solar’s CTO, Teodosio del Cano, praised the professionalism and foresight of all involved in the project, from contractor through to the architect and Onyx Solar themselves. "The technical solvency demonstrated by our team to face such a complex project was key for the awarding of the contract," del Cano said.

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