UltraCell Reveals Redesigned XX55 Military Fuel Cell system

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UltraCell announces the release of the GENiii XX55 portable reformed methanol fuel cell (RMFC) system. Since joining Bren-Tronics Inc. in 2011, UltraCell developed an improved RMFC core technology and military grade electronics controls for improved manufacturability and ruggedization.

In addition to the fuel cell,the complete system includes modular packaging for man portable “on-the-go” operation and a micro manager that can operate multiple devices concurrently forward deployed operators.

It can operate with a range of field refillable fuel cartridges ranging from 480Whr up to 12,500Whr thereby offering extreme mission flexibility and comes with a targeted lifetime for 2,500hours.

UltraCell’s, Chief Technical Officer, Ian Kaye, adds “Keeping the dismounted warfighter in mind, we  developed RMFC technology which operates in real world conditions without the need for complex hardware and multiple methanol/water blends.”

UltraCell Corporation was initially founded in 2002. Certain IP and assets of the company were acquired by Bren- Tronics Inc in 2011. As partners, we have continued to commercialize Fuel Cell technology with the success of our industry leading XX55™ micro fuel cell system.

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