Asia-Pacific Lithium Battery Congress 2014 to be Held Next March

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China’s Flagship Event Focus on Lithium-ion Battery Industry

Building on the massive success of the three continuous New Energy Vehicles program that has generated huge success by attracting 600+ industry players, as the key factor determine the destiny of New Energy Vehicle, lithium-ion battery intriguing great enthusiasm and pursuit of China’s lithium-ion batteries market. The Asia-Pacific Lithium Battery Congress 2014 will be take place on March 26th-28th in Shenzhen China, which is designed to concentrate on the key issues including China’s Lithium Battery regulations and policy, lithium battery development trend, design, materials, equipment, electric vehicle technology and standards.

As the State Council issued the Planning for the Development of the Energy-Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry, which added the breakthrough of the battery bottleneck as a research and development point for the next ten years. In the next 10 years, there will be six challenges ahead on the conclusion of the issue. 1. Cost 2.Energy Density 3.Consistency 4.Safety 5.Longlife circle 6.Standardization. The newly released Outline of Automotive Standard will figure out the biggest problem that has perplexed the promotion and industrialization of China electric vehicles, thus, there will be a qualitative leap of the process of EV marketalization. In the middle of 2013, the news of the new energy vehicles subsidies prolongation spread far and wide. Meanwhile, the local government has started a-new-round policy stimulation on lithium battery investment. With the thriving of the EV market, the driving force based on lithium battery will undoubtedly walk on the forefront of the revolution of electrochemistry.

Industrial and energy storage market become another boundless market followed up the electric vehicle. In the future, the release of power battery and energy storage market demand will become a new growth point of lithium battery. In the mean time, as the lithium battery materials prices continued to decline, substitution space of lead-acid batteries is gradually revealed.

How to drive the market will still be the key factors to rapidly develop the lithium market in the following years. Although digital lithium battery market pattern has been basically formed, the increasing demand of portable power sources, smart-phones, tablet PC make it an enduring research subject.

However, the price of the lithium-ion battery and security problems become one of the reasons for it fails to drive the electric car market while the lack of industry standards also makes it hard for its development.

Therefore, Asia-Pacific Lithium Battery Forum 2014 will direct the development of the lithium electricity industry with the participation of global lithium electricity business leaders, lithium electric experts, leading producers of technology leader, raw material manufacturers, etc to face the development dilemma ahead where there will also be a fierce discussion on lithium battery development trend, design, materials, equipment, electric vehicle technology and standards.

We warmly welcome all the industry professionals to join in the Asia-Pacific Lithium Battery Congress, together we hope that we will make a new breakthrough to the industry chain of Lithium electricity.


You Cannot Afford To Miss:

l2 Days of Content-Rich Sessions and case studies

l1 Day interesting and meaningful Site tour

l30+ esteemed and authoritative speakers

l250+ attendees from 15+ countries

Conference Highlights:

lLearn Policy Trends in the Lithium Battery

lDiscuss China’s Lithium Battery Industry Transition and Future

lGain Invaluable Technical and Commercial Insight

lShare Best Practices and Successful Initiatives in the Global Green Revolution

lHear the Voice of Newcomers in the Lithium Battery Field

lNetwork with Industry Experts at Our Coffee Break, Dinner and other Activities

Conference Structure at a Glance:




Day One

March 26th

Policies and Industry Prospect

Application of Lithium Battery –Power and Energy Storage

Day Two

March 27th

Lithium Battery

The lithium Battery materials

Day Three

March 28th

Exciting Site-tour

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We looking forward to see you in Asia-Pacific Lithium Battery Congress 2014, March 26th-28th, in Shenzhen China.

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