Tesla offering cars in China with no Chinese name

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Tesla Motors Inc has started offering its poplar Model S sedans in China, but the US premium electric carmaker has yet to give its brand a Chinese name due to a long-running trademark dispute.

That has caused a buzz online with enthusiasts avidly guessing how Tesla will be named locally and even offering advice.

Tesla recently opened its first flagship store in downtown Beijing and this week launched a Chinese-language website to take orders from Chinese car buyers.

What's absent from the website, which has similar look and feel to its American counterpart, is Tesla's Chinese language name, a rare omission for global brands entering China.

That's because "Te Si La", the Chinese name best known among Chinese consumers, has been registered by a local businessman who has been refusing to give up the trademark.

Tesla's Beijing-based salesman Ma Li admitted Tesla has no Chinese name yet, adding he doesn't know when or whether there will be one. Tesla's Tokyo-based spokeswoman Atsuko Doi did not return an email seeking comment.

Zhan Baosheng, the businessman who registered "Te Si La" in 2006, has no intention at the moment to sell the Chinese-language trademark despite numerous requests from potential buyers, his agent, Guangdong-based Jinda Trademark Co, said on Thursday.

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