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Solar power is the fastest-growing electricity source for utilities, according to a recent survey by the Solar Electric Power Association. Conservative estimates see the number of smaller, distributed solar interconnections growing to over 150,000 by 2015. The magnitude of this increase poses significant challenges for utilities, not the least of which is how the distribution grid will accommodate this high-penetration growth.

The Utility Solar Virtual Summit on Thursday, January 24, 2013 is a one-day, 100% online event designed to help utilities meet this challenge. The in-depth program examines current issues and challenges surrounding integration of utility scale solar on the grid, the state of enabling technologies, best practices and lessons learned to date.

As advances in energy storage, smart grid technologies, and other developments enable more utility-led solar initiatives, energy providers must better understand the impacts and opportunities of higher levels of solar power on the grid.

Topics To Be Addressed:

 Developing business models for solar power at utility scale

 Strategizing a way forward in today's dynamic utility solar market

 Enabling solar integration through smart grid technology

 Realizing large-scale reliable solar while avoiding future costs of rebuilding the grid

 Advances in utility-tied distributed solar PV generation

 Key deployments, pilots and lessons learned to date

 Technologies and strategies for integrating utility-scale solar energy

 Overcoming grid interconnection challenges

 Market trends and growth drivers for PV installations in the U.S.

 Strategies for smoothing and shifting of PV resources

 Recent applications of storage in integrating utility scale solar

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