Volvo Bus Subsidiary Receives Order For 475 Hybrid Buses From Québec

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Volvo Buses’ North American subsidiary, Nova Bus, has received an order for 475 hybrid buses from ATUQ in Québec, Canada. ATUQ, is a consortium consisting of the province’s nine transit authorities. This is the single largest order for hybrid vehicles that the Volvo Group has signed to date. The buses are scheduled for delivery beginning of 2014.

Delivery of the 475 LFS HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) buses will start in 2014. The order also encompasses an option for a further 1,200 vehicles. Volvo Buses has so far delivered more than 1,600 hybrid buses worldwide.

The hybrid bus features a Cummins ISB 280 hp engine coupled with an Allison EP 40 electric drive system. The batteries are located on the roof of the bus and weigh approximately 900 lbs (400 kg).

As the vehicle accelerates from a stop, the electric drive predominates. Mechanical drive gradually blends with electric drive until the vehicle attains highway speeds; the drive then becomes purely mechanical.

Compared with conventional diesel-powered buses, the Nova LFS HEV offers approximately 30% lower fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In parallel with the continued enhancement of hybrid technology, Nova Bus is working on the development of other environmentally optimized solutions such as plug-in hybrids and all-electric buses.

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