Used Vehicle Batteries For Microgrid Storage

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It is reported that GM and A.B.B. had made a conversion of Chevy volt batteries into usage by microgrid energy storage units for an alternative energy resource.

The one thing that makes this variant different from current microgrid storage battery systems is the fact it utilizes batteries from electrical vehicles.

The system contains 5 used Volt batteries which can provide 25 kW of energy for two hours bringing the total to a 50 kWh energy capacity. Doing the math, at this rate, this can provide power to three to five homes for a period of two hours.

That being said, such a battery holds around 16kWh when first installed in a vehicle As time passes, it looses it's ability to keep a charge, but with this latest development, this could mean that there could be an extension of battery life.

When an EV battery has reached the end of its life in an automotive application, only 30 percent or less of its life has been used,” said Pablo Valencia of GM. “This leaves a tremendous amount of life that can be applied to other applications.

During a demonstration, GM and A.B.B., they were able to show that the reused batteries could provide 100% of power at the demonstration location. This showed it could work in a remote backup power mode, which can then lead microgrids to run in “island mode”, but also could be turned on manually by the unit's owner or utility worker.

Microgrid back up power is typically could be used in small neighborhoods, like this military installation at Ft. Bliss where they installed 4,700 solar panels in the base housing area. For instance, the left over solar power there, could be used to charge the microgrid storage battery systems during low-peak hours like at night. They can also be used to even out the balance between solar and wind power or just bring balance by evenly distributing power between the microgrid back to the main electrical grid.

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