Will The Ohio Senate Support The Renewable Energy?

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Ohio has been on a positive renewable energy track since alternative energy standards were put into place in 2008 and recent voter polling shows that many Ohio residents support clean energy policy and investment in the state.

In May 2008, the Ohio General Assembly passed the state's landmark Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard as part of Senate Bill 221, which requires Ohio's utilities to power more of their electricity from renewable sources. In 2013, utilities must obtain three percent of their electricity from renewables, including wind, geothermal, biomass, biologically derived methane gas, landfill gas, certain co-generation and heat recovery facilities, qualified hydroelectric facilities, and solar.

The poll results reveal that almost 80 percent support laws requiring Ohio to produce a portion of its electricity from clean energy sources, with wind and solar of particular interest. Nearly two-thirds support the state's policy to promote new sources of clean energy to make Ohio less dependent on fossil fuel energy sources. If necessary, close to 60 percent of Ohioans would be willing to pay up to $3 per month on top of their electricity bill to use clean electricity sources which reduce wholesale power cost and offer long-term fixed rates for consumers.

The polling results come at a time when the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee is planning to hold hearings reviewing the state's clean energy law.

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